SyN’s Administrative Assistant (AA) Certificate Program

The AA Certificate Program is designed for executive assistants, administrative professionals, administrative specialists, secretaries, project coordinators, front desk receptionists and back office staff, office managers and supervisors, administrative coordinators, department administrators, office clerks, and all other staff who support a person, group, or function.

The aim of the AA Program is to provide all office professionals with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to be successful on the job; to create high-performing work teams where admins are essential contributors; and for all admins to have an action plan for applying what they learn directly to their roles within the organization and ready themselves for more responsibilities.

The eight modules cover all the essentials for an exceptional AA:

  • individual personal assessments of assets and areas needing development
  • communication skills to build strong relationships with inside colleagues and outside customers
  • business writing that reflects well on the company and gets results
  • interpersonal skills to work with all personality types, diverse groups, and across generations
  • techniques for working effectively with and through others
  • management skills every employee needs to hone
  • leadership skills to get others to follow and give their best to every endeavor
  • creating a personal action plan for lifelong learning, developing professional networks, and keeping pace with technology and changes in the business world

The Program can be brought on-site and tailored to your specific needs and requirements.  One option is to use SyN professional trainers and content experts to deliver the modules to your staff. Each module is a full-day workshop, with handouts, group and individual activities, discussions, and plans of action to apply the learning to each person’s unique position within the company. Evaluations and post-workshop follow-up will assure you that the program will be adapted to suit your particular situation. A second option allows you to obtain a license and use in-house trainers to present the program an unlimited number of times to all employees. Master trainers will come on-site and conduct train-the-trainer, full-day sessions for each module. By taking the future presenters through the program, they can experience the modules firsthand and modify them for their audiences. In most cases, they will have the actual developers to answer questions and suggest the most effective approaches.

What works best for you, works best for us. We are a team with a common purpose – to develop star admin performers for your organization.

The perfect time to initiate the AA Certificate Program is now! It shows you value your office professionals, recognize their potential, and are willing to invest in their future with the company. We guarantee it will be the competitive advantage for your organization. The results will be better equipped staff, a more cooperative workplace where teams can focus on goals (not personalities), and more opportunities to build internal and external relationships, which will increase profits, better succession planning, and your ability to adapt to changing business needs by developing talent inside the corporation.

If you have questions or would like to bring the Administrative Assistants Certificate Program to your organization, contact Kerry Chaffin, (National Account Manager) at 913-717-0167 or email [email protected]