What Speakers you Need (SyN) can do for you:
  • Provide an interactive consultation to help you identify your needs and explore possible solutions that are tailored exactly for your unique situation.
  • Develop customized needs assessments to get input from the people involved, so the real issues are uncovered and knowledge and skills gaps surface.
  • Match you with subject matter experts (SME) who know your industry and have personally worked in business and understand it from the bottom up and the top down.
  • Bring professional trainers on-site who can impart relevant content in an engaging and entertaining manner to get participants focused, actively participating, transitioning the information from the classroom to their particular job functions, connecting across departments, and creating action plans to apply the concepts and continue their learning after the session.
  • Do follow-up such as sending out surveys to see if the concepts have been applied on the job, providing articles and readings to keep the topics fresh in the minds of participants, creating checklists to help attendees recall information from the session, offering how-to suggestions to keep attendees on target when transferring the subject matter to the workplace, and sending reminders of commitments made in the classroom.
  • Connect you and your employees to exceptional career coaches for more intensive 1:1 personal and professional development to prepare individuals for more responsible positions. Areas of coaching include making a professional first impression, handling conflict, public speaking, giving effective presentations, interviewing skills, conducting effective performance reviews, listening skills, and more.
  • Offer your staff certificate programs where you choose the topics they most need. We bring specialists on-site to present multiple programs in a time frame that suits your needs. Individual certificates are awarded after the completion of the full program. It’s a way to have everyone on the same page, developing the same skills and building a cohort group that can progress up the ranks.
  • Research current workplace and workforce trends to keep you abreast of all the changes taking place today, so you will be on the forefront of legal, social, technological, and other changes affecting your industry and your organization.
  • Serve as your professional training adviser on all development issues, acting as an adjunct support team, to work with an in-house training department or to fill that function if you don’t have an internal team dedicated to professional development.

We have whatever you need to build stronger work teams and foster more confident and capable workers.

Speakers you Need (SyN) is there to make it happen and make it successful.